~ Ignore the noise, focus on the signals ~ by Dimashqee

A thread on the UAE, Israel and Palestine:

The flow and ebb of outrage about what the Emirates did this time or what the Saudis will do next time etc is really just an expression of the Muslim’s lack of will to do things on their own, instead demanding that the Khaleejis “pay what is owed” — but they owe nothing.

The only thing you are owed is what you work for. You don’t like Emirati politics? You think Khaleeji wealth is unearned? Make your own wealth. Cultivate and leverage your own power. Develop asabiya around a shared cause. This is the signal that you all keep missing.

The signal is that a waterless nation of one million can consistently insert itself into great power politics in the Middle East to ensure that no dominant power arises — because it becomes irrelevant then. It does this by leveraging wealth and asabiya.

So, the purpose is to make it irrelevant. That’s the signal. If someone wants to play with rockets and be a tourism hub, that’s nice. Let them do their thing in their corner of the Arabian Gulf. I have no concern with what people do in their own land with their own wealth.

My only concern would be to outmaneouvre and outbuild people I find to be an obstacle to whatever I want to achieve, in this case, the liberty of Al-Quds. There’s only one path to that, and it isn’t engaging in permanent outrage against a live player like the UAE.

If this pedo can outmaneouvre all Muslim interests in D.C., that’s not an indictment of the UAE and his shiny dome, that’s an indictment of YOU and your own weakness. You got outplayed by average players. How does it feel to be *that* weak?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Emirati leadership purposely makes certain moves to trigger the swarm outrage mechanism in Muslim brains so that they hyperfocus on small events while ignoring the long-term trends here.

At the end of the day, Israel has asabiya. It cultivates wealth, develops networks of influence, leverages power. The UAE does the same thing. The Palestinians? The Turks? Any other Muslims? All floundering in incompetent diplomacy, rent seeking and lack of unity.

They can make deals day and night. It is meaningless if you are also making your own deals, cultivating your own wealth, and leveraging your own power. If you’re not — then you’ve got a problem. Maybe that’s why we’re so obsessed with little nations with big influence.

If Muslims in the USA were actually a community, the UAE would not be able to do shit. They’d be redundant. But no one is interested in developing coordination towards a shared vision. They just want to stand outside of consulates waving Palestinian flags and saying Zio Man Bad.

The Palestinians aren’t really a community. Terrible organisation, no asabiya beyond dabke, baklava and commodifying Palestinian symbols to sell to estranged bougie kids. Which is why they get picked apart so easily by various powers.

Ignore the noise. Outmaneouvre those opposed to your interests. Get richer, get more powerful, cultivate better networks. That’s the only way to play the game. If you’re tweeting about how evil the UAE or Israel is instead of creating an effective lobby, you’re already defeated.

Don’t cry about Palestine or any other country when you refused to put in the work to level the fuck up and win the game of civilisations.

Voice of the Ghetto